Applications and Publications

These past few years, the four seasons of my life seem to have been Winter, Spring, Summer, and Applications. And, surprise, it’s Applications season! That, combined with the fact that I recently moved to a house that, as yet, has no WiFi, is why I haven’t been posting much lately. I spend long hours each day plugged into my computer at a coffee shop, but those hours are typically split between sifting through my overfull inbox, revising application essays, and freaking out about the fact that I have to take (and pay for!) the GRE in the next few months in order for my application efforts to actually be worth anything. I do have a post in progress, and will try to get it up in the next few days, but until then, I thought I owed those of you who care an explanation.

The second reason for this quickie post is much more exciting: I’ve been published! One of my university’s magazines asked me back in January to write a piece on my experience as a Fulbright scholar, and that work is finally through production and ready for general readership. If you want to check it out, just click here! Or if, for some reason, that link isn’t working, go to and click the tab for “etc”–it’s the cover story.


So that’s my exciting little life tidbit for you all. Hope you enjoy!

(Note: the editors wrote the titles and worked with me to chop down quite a bit of the story, so if it seems choppy in parts, that’s why. Perhaps I’ll publish the unedited version in a post someday…)


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