Double Duty

It’s interesting–when I left Taiwan, I imagined myself immediately entering into a period of intense productivity. I’d have to, after all–it’s not like I was coming home to a job or anything. Within that productivity, I figured, I’d blog occasionally, as I saw fit, but the main focus would be job applications and revising old works for submission: blogs are, after all, a long-term investment, rather than a pressing responsibility, and after a year of daily blogging, I was tired to death of staring at a blinking cursor, willing myself to just write something already so I could go to bed.

Flash forward to now. I’ve been home almost a month already (a month, really? Wherever has the time gone?), and my plans for productivity have fallen in shambles around my feet. What have I done with my time? Well, that’s easy–I’ve gone camping, twice; I’ve visited Seattle; I’ve helped my parents repaint my old room; I’ve caught up with old friends; I’ve put a few things in order that I’d left out of it. I’ve read, and I’ve watched the Olympics. But the things I’d planned to do? The applying, the revising, the submitting, the decision making? I’ve done very little.

Today (by which I mean the 7th, not the 8th) was actually one of my most productive days in recent days, assuming you don’t count catching up with friends after a year abroad as productive: I sent several emails, finished and turned in a job application for a job I’ve been pining after for ages, read a bit–and wrote not one, but two blog posts.

Yes, somehow as I turned and ran from my old daily blog, promising myself only that I would post weekly on here, I found myself starting a new blog for the pure thrill of it, one which, though I scarcely noted it while I was making it, all but requires a daily post. It is, after all, called Word-of-the-Day Toilet Paper.

And what did I find? That concept blogs are infinitely easier to post on those that call for long-form narratives plucked from my life and turned into something supposedly worthwhile. And that, as a result of that, this blog, my self-proclaimed “serious” blog, was suffering.

Well, shoot. I guess it’s time to kick it into high gear with a two-post midnight posting–hooray! So much for giving myself a break from daily posting: who wants that pressure when you can double it?

Productivity is a slippery thing, especially when you start factoring in faux incentives like how many views your posts get, or how many fellow bloggers ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you, or the ever-present shadowy goal of WordPress bloggers of becoming “Freshly Pressed.” So it is that now, nearly a month after returning home, I find many jobs as yet un-applied for, many pieces unedited and unsent, many decisions unmade.

But I also find two blogs, growing slowly but surely, and without the torturous advance of the blinking cursor at midnight. The other things will get done–they are, after all, the inevitable immediate necessities. And, in the long-term, maybe my double duty will pay off.


3 thoughts on “Double Duty

  1. Something I’m learning after living at home for 14 months is that I need new definitions of “productive.” You can’t always quantify all the stuff you’ve done, but the times of hanging out with my family, watching a movie together, reading a book, cooking or doing housework–those are the things that make up life. It’s OK if you can’t count them. Who needs numbers anyway? 🙂

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